Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Alright everyone this is where philosophy and liberation collide...Anything go's.

The metaphoric "rabbit hole", after liberation seems to keep going and going...
I'm not sure how far this is gonna go...The layers keep falling away, even after seeing no self. I keep looking and the farther down I go, the less anything means any more.

I suppose that when I hit the bottom I'm done. Meaning dead.  
I've been pondering this for quite some time and I keep coming to the same conclusion, no matter the question... Meaning is meaningless.

It's like trying to give meaning to ones dreams, it's just tacking an illusion on to an illusion...Silly and redundant.  

This is like the imaginary carrot enticing the horse. Again, since childhood we've been conditioned in that each of us have some sort of meaning for our existence on this planet.

We all either ask it or hear it at one time or another... What's the meaning of life?... Why are we here??... Life just is...That's all. 
There must be some reason I'm here right?..BULLSHIT!
The best answer to that is SEX. Yup! Mom and Dad had some fun and here you are, nothing profound about it! Whether intentional or in most cases (including mine.) was a surprise that really wasn't expected.
Was I wanted?
This is irrelevant... Still imposes meaning. 

Of course Religion wants to be at the forefront of all this, and wants everyone, (that believe in a god) to donate their time efforts and of course money, to help their cause. So many people have said that a god somehow spoke to them and said they must reach out and help mankind (In gods name.) to help bring purpose in their lives. This in fact is a personal choice and bares no connection to fictional God what so ever. Whatever the cause one truly feels is worth pursuing should be considered, but only after they're sure that ensuing this path will end in happiness and personal contentment. I chose guiding and sharing this gift. Writing what's in my head is a cleansing process, I use in finally speaking out against the lies that I've lived with my entire life, until now.

Okay, this has spun over and over within this mind and still no matter who or what is said, if a person die's this person only leaves memories in the minds of others; There is no meaning is left behind, to each their own on how they choose to grieve. All that can be said is, they lived their life left some possessions behind and people grieved some mental loss. Anything else is made up and imposed within the mind of others.

The same go's for senti-"mental" value. Someone give's us some material object at some time in our life's and we attached this illusory amount/value to it. And by telling someone so, makes it worth so much more...Again, BULLSHIT!
Or how about "antique's"?...Slap that word on an old chunk of wood and ask a large price for it and someone is bound to pay it.
Hell I hit 50yrs. old this year, and no one in their right mind
would pay a dime to have me sit in their living room! ;^D

Alright,  now here's the part where if you choose to skip this I'll understand... This is where shit get's brutal for all you "feel good" spiritual people, sure there's beauty in life if you look but reality is a bitch. Choosing not to look at "what is", only put's blinders on awareness.

Love, marriage, parenthood...all these mean nothing. Anyone that say's otherwise is caught in their own level  of the belief system that they feel comfortable with and that's fine, but it's still not the truth.

Don't get me wrong here, these institutions are fine and try to add meaning to a seemingly empty life, but in the end all this "feel good" stuff is just another illusion to try and keep humanity from regressing into a primal state. I'm seeing more and more; That the meaning and respect that people once had toward one another in the past is deteriorating in this day and age; And primarily due to the increasingly disposable society that has come to pass. Not necessarily regressing to a primordial state but a regression just the same.

Humans are the only species on this planet that attach meaning to pretty much all our aspects of life...Let's take Dogs for example. When a dog has pups the maternal instinct kicks in, and they protect, feed and train their young to survive in the environment around them, but when the mother is done, that's it she's DONE. Then they're just another dog in the pack; Sure their scent is unique but none the less they no longer are seen as "family" as we do, there's no " Mom, Dad, brother, sister" crap, they're just another dog. You're either accepted as part of the pack, or you're not period. All this boils down to survival, it doesn't matter the species on this planet or another, being civil keeps human's from going at each others throats, and having our neighbors flesh for dinner. But still, war wages on.

In the end the illusion of meaning can be seen 'metaphorically' as a canvas sitting in front of an artist, "blank" and awaiting the imagination of each individual to fill it with excitement and wonder; Showing those they hold close, a projection of a world in which they wish to live.
Perfectly imperfect.    


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