Wednesday, October 17, 2012


   Difficult as it may be, we all experience loss. In a myriad of aspects it takes it's toll on the living. Life and death spin right in front of us on a daily basis. Yet, when it hit's home, we inevitably witness the "true colors" (metaphorically) of those around us. Forget the sugar coating here, the stronger the mental connection the harder it is to let go. My mother once told me of all those in my family I was the one who connected more tightly than the rest in the family. It took the death of my father and seeing my family spin into chaos to open my eye's and see how dysfunctional and uncaring everyone really was.   

I've dealt with loss many times, starting at the age of 5; Not actually witnessing till age 20... But watching none the less. I remember at age 5, I was told that my 'step' grandfather was 'gone' and he wasn't coming back... Not knowing then that it was probably the closest to the truth that I'd ever get, at such a young and impressionable age.

  This body was diagnosed with Chrones disease in 1995, I know now that in some way it will be the underlying cause of my death when it comes. I'm grateful now seeing that suffering is just a state of mind; Having dealt with so much fear and depression from mental and physical pain in the past, was such an emotional drain; And going through more surgeries than I can count, having skirted death at least twice, this has made me quite humble and aware of how 'fragile' the life force is.

I don't need to know whats beyond Death...There is 'nothing' that needs to be known...Remembering one quote that's been profound since liberation,"You come into this world from nothingness...Walking this earth temporarily existing within the body as 'nothing', and one day returning to the nothing from which we came."

   Let's keep this simple, when the power go's out no one thinks twice about it...How about when you "pass out"?? Passing on is basically the same way, once you drop from consciousness it's up to the body to either recover or start the process of shutting down.

  What happens as each individual crosses from unconsciousness to clinical death is where the controversy begins. Many stories have spun from those who said they've witnessed varied dreams and visions from a brain in the midst of oxygen deprivation, just before regaining consciousness.The stories that have come to pass while visiting this area of unconsciousness are surreal to say the least, and to connect ANY references of a purgatory, heaven or hell is simply irresponsible in suggesting this in front of an audience, no matter how "real" they felt this moment was. 

   Death is a right of passage. (even a reward if you look at it from the right perspective.) I'm finally not only comfortable with it, but pleased to be at peace with the body being finally at rest. I've always been a supporter of euthanasia just as people believe in "pro-choice", I too believe in "pro-death". If ones quality of life is compromised and they choose not to be a burden to others, they should be able to die with dignity.

From a Religious aspect it's nothing but string of ceremonies and promises of heavenly ascent, all for the sake of the living. I'm Cool with the idea of having a 'going out' party and getting together for those who can handle a social gathering after paying respects.

Dealing with the remains is pretty straight forward and costly...
Getting together and viewing a dead body and saying some nice things about the newly departed, is just another show for all who are in attendance...Is this necessary? No.
Kissing a Dead body?? Hell No! Who the heck really wants to or should?? I remember seeing pictures from the 1800's and seeing the deceased propped up on a couch and pictures taken with family members at these function's...These people need to seriously let go!!

  Cemeteries now seem like 'junk yards' with pretty labels carved in stone, again to appease the living. While driving around town I'm sure you've noticed these "In loving Memory of.." stickers on cars around town, that now look like rolling Tombstones; I hate to sound insensitive, but really?!?, "we" celebrate the dead on a yearly basis, and from the looks of it, (At a cemetery.) a lot of people get pretty extravagant with flower arrangements and 'offerings' to the dead. I get that these are symbols of respect, but who are they trying to impress??

 Now I'm seeing around town and at the parks, where people are paying a fee to have their loved ones immortalized on benches, concrete, and ceramic/metal tiles or even have a tree dedicated to those at rest. What comes to mind when I witness this is "This make no difference what so ever to whom this is dedicated. But, what about the person who is behind this dedication?, Have they come to terms with this loss?, Or are they stuck in the grieving process?...I know some individuals who feel they can't let go, for whatever the reason; each day they continue to mourn endlessly, torturing themselves with the memories that haunt them. Some families even spin over and over on who's fault it is for reason of the deceased death in the first place!!...There comes a point that everyone needs to drop the blame and get on with their life's.
   You name it whatever else comes later, it all boils down to the dissolution of the deceased life's work and possessions, call it what you want everything is distributed and absorbed by all that show interest in doing so; if not the government finishes the rest. (That's exactly what happens in nature; whatever satisfies the living.)

So what the hell does Liberation have to do with this??
Who the heck do we "think" we are?? All these achievements, roles, relationships, knowledge, and wisdom that was 'thought' to make you 'unique' within society, simply cease to exist inside the moment prior to the dropping from consciousness...In essence stripping away all that once was "you" in an instant. All that is left is awareness and a body that is struggling for it's last breath. 


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