This quote was uniquely profound prior to my liberation...

"Everything we know, no matter how sure we are, is really just Belief, and ALL beliefs are self limiting, and serve to reduce the truly infinite to falsely finite"... Jed McKenna

This really set a fire in my gut, and jump started my appetite in challenging EVERYTHING!...Though at the time, I hadn't "popped" yet..... None the less it blew my mind.

Belief's have been a part the imagination of man kind since before recorded time, and evidence left from many ancient civilizations indicates this over and over throughout history. Whether seen as entertainment, or as a way of controlling the masses.

Think about it...How many beliefs can you think of off the top of your head?.....There's bound to be a million more...

When was the last time you found money on the ground (heads up ;^) or made a wish and tossed some in a fountain? Silly isn't it...But on a deeper level, there's a certain amount of reinforcement to the belief Structure.

People still go as far as reading the stars, and using the zodiac (When you were born.) to describe what 'type' of person you are. Then tell a fortune about what to expect in an upcoming event in your future and advise on how you should react...I've come across people in the past, that were so kind and pleasant when we first met and then upon asking what sign I was, or asking my birthday, becoming rude and judge"mental" and storming off....Never heard from again.
No matter how all this started, this "delusion" has created quite a dual sided sword metaphorically.

On one side of this "deluded" spectrum is viewing them as messages of hope and  good fortune. Mystics have enjoyed this ride for centuries making it a career choice... Casino's use "odds" as luck, in turn making profits from those looking to change their luck and double their paychecks...

On the opposite side of this spectrum are, beliefs instilling fear of impending doom, bad luck, the end of the world and hell and damnation  to those who do not heed the superstition or belief...When reality comes knocking many would rather blame something non-existent than to use logic and investigate further. Disasters throughout the world are blamed on "sinners" for enraging a God that will return bringing the apocalypse and  seeking revenge for those that refuse to believe...Or pointing at prophecies from men, written centuries in the past.

I recall seeing a television documentary, regarding the studies of a group of various patients, testing their DNA looking for a marker that would point toward a physical connection in the brain presupposing a person's "belief system" could be determined by noticing if the marker was present in each subject. This is interesting as beliefs do appear more apt at being handed down, from generation to generation. I remember at a young age my family having various belief's handed down from their relatives, whether of a religious nature (Catholic), or superstition that was referenced from time to time...

As a guide, the most common belief my clients suffer from is the belief that people see themselves as not worthy, or a failure in society; As a part of the battle for their liberation.

What surprises me now more than ever since liberation, how people are so willing to thrust themselves into T.V. and movies so freely. (This is when I'll stop and look around the room to see how literally dazed and disconnected from reality their bodies appear, as they continue to watch ;^)

Have you ever noticed how popular and deeply rooted beliefs are the most commercialized?  The marketing schemes are endless...Doesn't matter what time of the year it is. Whether on television or at stores it's pretty clear what is in demand by the consumer.