Sunday, January 22, 2012

Slay the demons---->Don't Feed em'

   Why are we here?      What what do we want?..."The Hope of every person is simply, Peace of Mind."-----Dali Lama.

  I've heard it time and time again..." If things keep going like this I'm gonna have a nervous break down and check myself into a mental ward!"...(Though I prefer to call it,"The Enchanted Kingdom";^) No, I haven't been to one personally, yet I hear the drugs are pretty good...

This process, for the medical/pharmaceutical professionals is a multi billion dollar industry that guaranties nothing to it's patients just on going maintenance...Hence job security.

Drugs suppress the body's response, but doesn't treat the 'symptom'. Mental health professionals over the years have made endless attempts to cure individuals of these ailments and have made some breakthrough's regarding the abnormality's of some patients, from the bodies physical aspect; But Scientist's are still in the dark about 'what' functions the brain. We're not talking about neuroscience here just every day "peace of mind".

  Whether life experiences, (burned into ones memory) thoughts or dreams that permeate the 'soul', these same thoughts tend to leave an seemly never ending impression throughout ones life. In reality you can't 'un-see' whats been seen, 'un-live' what's been lived; These memories, (Seen in a non-dualistic way.) are wisdom and strengthening references and in no way define who one's self 'is', nor a label us as victims, just survivors with a story. Spinning horror stories over and over only recreates the fear, sadness and depression; torturing one endlessly, and leading them toward, misery and suffering.

   Looking around each day I see how people so freely immerse them self's into distractions and varied illusions (T.V., Movies, Games etc.) to help distract or even disconnect with reality, and seem to be so unhappy with the way things are; Drama seems to pacify and temporarily disassociate people with there own life's.

  With all these distractions how can we focus on thoughts anyway? Society has bombarded us with so many tasks and means of social interaction we've lost touch with the one thing we've had ever since we've been born...Our Body. The body doesn't lie. It may go unnoticed by it's host (except for eating, bathing, sex ;^) , and work; but in this society, boy's need to be tough, girls need to be tougher than boy's, and basically we all need to suck it up and be the best we can be, and at the same time raise our families, stay out of debt, and so on and so on.<-----Get the drift?... Basically It's not "cool" to have feelings.

    Monitoring feelings, is the only way to truly sense the affect, all these "Self" imposed thoughts have on the body; While old habit's are hard to break, going unchecked only leads toward mental breaks and physical ailments taking place within the body. We're so accustomed to interacting to the world around us that we never get to really sit down and clean up our own "crap" we acquired, each day, week or at all!! It just builds and builds till we "break down". 

   All there is....Is the body and the mind that's it..."Thoughts", lets face it, they have no mass and do not exist in reality what so ever. The mind merely stores these bits of information, until you either act on them, save them for later, or forget them all together.

   Identity, ownership, it's all a lie... You are a living being, with life experiences unique only to yourself, and that's all. The rest is just baggage, keep what you like, but if it disturbs you then fucking dump it "it has no mass and serves no purpose". It's all just distractions that keeps you from enjoying what's truly important in life-----> The present.

   These thoughts can even be considered 'magnetic' in nature; (When the "self" is at the center.) They attract and build upon one another, creating an impression of something so unbearable that it's host will undoubtedly act or react upon, either outwardly toward those around them, or stress that the body reads as an on going physical "threat". People are treated everyday for stress related illness,In Which medication alone doesn't cure the underlying cause of the affliction to the body.

The flip side of this "demon" is addiction... You name it... drugs, alcohol, sex, gaming, food... Whatever it is that hits that "spot" in the brain... Stopping at nothing to get more.
Thoughts in this case relentlessly build for the sake of the addiction itself, with no regard for it's "host" or the loved ones around them. We've all heard stories of those whose  addictions have driven them towards desperate means of attaining the source of ones addiction. Again training the mind toward abstaining from the addiction is not only big business but also in most cases a life long commitment of those afflicted.

 The objective of these "Demon" type thoughts are to occupy us...Not to defeat us...

  Suicide can also be attributed as being a major factor of these type of thought patterns; Tricking the mind into believing that there is no other way, to end one's suffering and trying to write an ending to a story that in fact, would end in the termination of the body that hosts it's very existence.
   So it all boils down to "Repetition", it took repetition to build the illusion... It takes repetition (Like a sledge hammer tearing down a wall...) to see that the "self" (and it's demon's) don't exist... Everyday we challenge the world around us pretending to be clever and intellectual, yet we don't stop (really) and think about cleaning up our own "shit" till it bites us in the ass, Reality's a bitch and will set you straight every time. 

This is your ride, your life. Why should you remain a prisoner to your own thoughts?