Thursday, December 1, 2011

Illusions...All is not what it appears.

   Alright....Ladies And Gentlemen!  I'd like to perform a Magic Trick...(Okay, nothing up my Sleeves ;^)   Now If you look closely I will make your "Self" disappear!... Ready!? AB BRA! CO..DAB..BRA!...HOCUS POCUS!.....**POOF**!!!!    It's Gone!   TA DA!
    No smoke and mirrors.... Cool trick huh?...So is it happening for ya yet?  If CAN do it I KNOW you can, but the tip to the trick is don't look at me! "LOOK WITHIN"...  And keep practicing. (You know what they say? Practice makes Perfect ;^)
    Remember there is NO "I"....There...Is...NO...."I"..The point is that there never was a You...Your identity an illusion...
  When asked "What's the meaning of life?"  "Why are we here?" The best answer I've heard was in a song (yup a song)...RUSH - "roll the bones".."why are we here...because we're here..roll the bones!"... You fill in the blanks when it comes to giving it meaning, not God or anybody else; My Grandfather told me "forget about Money or Power, if you Truly Enjoy it, THAT! gives it meaning... If not, then what the fuck are you doing?"   
    Look around... Your just here enjoying the "ride"... WAKE UP FUCKER!!   THIS "IS IT!!" THE RIDE OF YOUR LIFE!!!!...ENJOY IT!!...One ride... That's all you get. (Unless you believe in reincarnation.) Good Luck with that...
   Lets start at "the bare bones", "You" <(doesn't exist) "own Nothing." If you think you did, "look" again, Your on loan, until the End then it's gone too. Sorry to bust the bubble; Now you can work backwards, it's Okay nothing to be afraid of, we all deal with this sometime or another. (Better now, then on your "death bed".

   So on with the show...Now if you look closely (lenses off), Step Back and look Everywhere you'll see that society is constantly feeding (or streaming) illusions to keep those that are "asleep" pacified.

    I Was just looking around my house and noticed, "None of the shit is me!" :^D I mean it's cool and all, but soooo Not me. It's funny I gotta Buddha statue out front, A plastic skull covering the sewer pipe cap, Chinese Dragon's and a rock dragon in my garden, "crosses over all the doorway's (inside) to protect us from "The in-law's" ha ha;^), and a sign that say's "As far as everyone knows we ARE a Normal family" then to top that one off, I put a sticker on it saying.."Normal People Scare Me."; By the way what is Normal?... come on... just an ILLUSION. This shit just makes me laugh.

    It's everywhere...just "look"  Money, Jewelery, and Cars. (Paper, rocks and metal, pretty I might add but just that; At least a car will take you where your going, yet you need money to do that too!) "genuine hand crafted w/certificate of Authenticity." (Really?!! gimme a friggin break!)... Value, Appreciation...Anything to get a rise out of the public. MONEY...Really just slips of paper and chunks of Metal that someone takes in exchange for what ever is needed; Robert Scheinfeld said it best, that money's only purpose is to show your appreciation for the items or services sot. You name it nothings free except your mind if you allow it.

   Now credit ratings; Boy does this chap my hide! ( A fuckin report card! ) It's discrimination no matter how it's put. Discrimination and judgement go side by side it's all around us just LOOK!!

       People are trying to make ends meet just to survive, and most, (If their not on the street already!) are one paycheck from the street, standing in lines for food, and packing shelters to keep their loved ones cared for. Homes in foreclosure sitting empty, and people on the street. THAT'S reality...