Friday, September 28, 2012

Perception, Perception, Perception...

Experiencing life around us in the environment we live in is the same for everyone, how one interprets it is another.
Depending on the
experience, motivational state and finally the emotional state, each can alter the outcome. From a physiological point of view, this is just scratching the surface.

From the moment of experience, the inevitable 'aspect' cascades through the mind, presenting itself within the conscious and unconscisous fields attempting to identify with or refute the input presented within the mind, in turn labeling it with the conditioning and morals each individual has attained through life...

Animal's perception are keen and direct, with out the contemplation of good or bad. Their focus purely on survival at any cost. Humans surmount this with memories, and influences, along with the intellect and wisdom attained throughout our lifetimes.

I am a stanch supporter of non-duality...Prior to liberation I too thought nothing of snap judgements in any given situation. 
Care must be taken in the judgement of many situations.

This seemly endless stream of perception of the experience's 
we encounter on a daily basis is only challenged a mere  fraction of the time, and in most cases dismissed. While using ones morals is the most common reference in determining ones conclusion. Wrongness is in the eye of the beholder and nowhere else.

My dad once told me "You're not a thief unless you get caught", which at the time had me wondering what had lead him to this conclusion... Now I see clearly that if someone feels "victimized" this label is then imposed upon the other, where as consenting leads to charity.
Society imposes laws in hopes reenforcing peace amongst our neighbors and promising "fair" justice for those in need.
The justice system deals with issues of perception on a daily basis, attempting to be as fair as possible, using the resources of lawyers, a judge and jury to create a unbiased environment in examining evidence and applying it to the laws of the state or government. Yet we all have seen, that this is still flawed...If one pay's enough attention to the various detail in any given situation, there's all way's unique differences in each individuals view of the out come.

I'm hoping everyone that reads this is familiar with the various formats of the word "Coexist" this word has been used to call together all the belief systems into a peaceful coexistence. Yet as long as differing beliefs and separate opinions exist between them all, this is a futile attempt.   

These scribbles you're reading right now mean nothing to someone that doesn't read. Governments, religions, and corporations use symbols to supposedly point toward a belief or system; To the awakened  these point toward nothing but groups of people attempting to keep their causes from inevitable collapse. Ancient civilizations, are proof of these failed attempts in the past.
The human race in itself has flourished despite disparity, and is the perfect example of resilience, and will be sure to continue this quest of existence on this planet in spite of itself.

 The only constant is the solace of reality and the clarity of liberation.

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