Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Where do 'You' live?

    Looking back on my youth (and seeing it in my children), you go through school, you get out, you see opportunity all around, (college, work, travel, ) you want it all, Yes the 'American dream', The house, 2 cars, 2 kids, a dog/cat. (you know.) Or those thoughts of how nice it would be if we could just get away, out of town whether it's just a vacation or moving somewhere, where 'the grass is greener'. Then there's a 'flip side' to this reality that most choose not too notice...

    There's a gentleman, that spends his day's 'alone', living on the streets next to some convenience stores not far from our home. Most would label him as a 'bum'; yet no one really knows this man; he's polite, always has a smile on his face and doesn't pan handle, yet people do tend to toss him food and money to keep him from starving. He never seeks shelter (I've seen him braving the worst of storms) and keeps only what's necessary to shield him from the elements. He has chosen this life and for nearly three decades has done so in peace; constantly moving from corner to corner to keep the police from arresting him for loitering.
    People get so frustrated with where "they are" during their life time that they do everything possible to place themselves elsewhere to do so. I tell my kids that "this" (pointing to my brain.) 'is' where you live, everywhere else is just a location...They give me that 'ya right' look and shake there heads.    

     Virtual reality seems to be easiest way to do this now day's, with all these video games and Television.( I'm not knocking it, I tend to get into it at times; I think it's fun also.) but still everything in moderation right? But I'm sure you know someone (like I do.) that takes it a bit to far, using it as a shield to block out reality.

   Reality is a bitch, it keeps banging no matter what, till it gets an answer...

I Remember reading Eckhart Tolle, and later finding that being 'present' was extremely difficult when thoughts were constantly distracting my brain. To this day I feel that 'Tolle' is more beneficial to the 'post-liberated' individual than those who are not. The references made in many cases are more readily seen when liberated. Not having walked the path only leaves, one confused and leery of the writer himself or with a temporary feeling of wellness.  

  So as Strange as this may sound, I was looking at the stars one night, and it came to me that this universe is teaming with all different forms of energy, and life in turn flourishes from it.

 Another strange observation; I was watching cars drive by and it hit me; "We" in essence are "individual" sparks of energy, transported within our bodies throughout our day; and in order to stay alive we must care for it as such, (almost like a car battery needs electrolytes to keep a charge.) constantly feeding, and nurturing it to stay alive but in time the battery dies anyway...

Doctors (In America.) are overpaid mechanic's, and in some cases even come off with a "God complex" free of charge...These bodies we're in aren't perfect (just like cars.) yet so complex that we can experience and interact with the world around us. It seems that enjoying the ride is only cherished, when a person is  liberated/Awakened or by those with a terminal Illness. Although illness has nothing to do with liberation, Except at the brief moment prior to death.<---Hence letting go of the body/thought process.

It actually is a miracle at an intellectual level. Our bodies make it possible to temporarily exist on this planet. It's not about being male, female or any nationality; It's about the life-force within.

  I try to make it a point every day not only to interact with my "Scotties", but to simply look at nature, animals are the perfect example of a liberated spirit. To live ones life and that's it... It all boils down to natures necessities. (Very crude and simple.) Yet no baggage or roles to play either...  

 Which leads me to my own hypothesis, (Try wrapping your Brain around this one ;^)  What if in fact that "we are" the very life forms that all these alien stories are all about? All this research and constant looking towards the stars in search of life beyond this planet, And people dedicating their life's looking outward, only to ignore the very thing within them that is the key. Not the bodies that we inhabit, but the energy or life form within us that has evolved to survive on this planet ...Okay scientists put that in your pipes and smoke it!!  Come on guy's, I mean that if we did find life that adapted to some other terrestrial place, they to would have to adapt just like us where they live right? And what is it that keeps them alive? It is exactly what it is that allows you experience life as we know it... Formless, Pure, Energy.


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